Eating Disorders

“Eating disorders may be categorized as a psychiatric problem. Although many experts say that obesity is not truly a psychiatric problem, they consider that the state of being obese is also a form of eating disorder. Some people who are trying to lose weight may lead to an equally dangerous ‘phobia ‘ of food. An obsessional journey (anorexia Nervosa and, or, Bulimia) of thinking an individual is fat no matter how dramatic the weight loss, to the point of emaciation, and in some devastating cases, like the famous Karen Carpenter 1970’s celebrity who died (a great talent diagnosed, at a time when such disorders were virtually unknown to the public) of renal failure and a slow agonising death.

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Celebs Fight the Flab

Celebs Fight the Flab
by Perry EstelleQuestion: Why do we always buy into the whole diet thing, only to lose pounds proudly, and then at the ideal weight, then quit diet, and in just a few short weeks, pile it all on again, when hitherto, it took you, your entire life to get to your size, BEFORE the damned diet in the first place?

Maybe, we should just follow that star! No, not the North star! That isn’t going anywhere. I mean celebs? They always look like demi gods, well, until they open their mouths! But, hey, they have all the time and money in the world to look fabulous…

Take ‘Shakira’ for instance. After accepting countless awards at music ceremonies, there is nothing nicer than, jumping into her Maserati and get home to her plush LA apartment, where she slowly disrobes (steady fellas!) takes a look in the mirror, and thinks, “How will I lose that $500 dollar champagne off my hips? Because……. ‘my hips don’t lie…… Shakira, Shakira’?”

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Drinking or Stinking!

Drinking or Stinking! by Perry Estelle

I have a few minutes to flag up a very interesting dilemma with the whole ‘Booze for Breakfast’ morning after, gig.

You went out the night before and you wake up like a monkey slept in your mouth. Your breath could melt the tyre off a car. Your teeth itch. Your brain is disconnected from your body. You are breaking that brain in, for a complete stranger. You have the agility and dexterity of a 3 toed sloth after being hit by a truck.

You have to sober up in double time, and stop that jackhammer totally pulverising your temples.

How do you get straight? Have a hair of the dog? Huge English with all the trimmings?…If you can keep it down?

Let’s look at the good old all familiar hangover and study ‘cures’ to stop the symptoms of torture, you are experiencing.

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49 Quadrocopters

49 quadrocopter in outdoor-formation-flight / Ars Electronica Futurelab / Linz, Austria

Quadrocopters turn into pixels at the voestalpine Klangwolke and form 3D-Modells in the sky. As a world-premiere, the Ars Electronica Futurelab has managed to fly a formation outdoor with so many quadrocopters, painting some moments of magic into the nightsky of Linz.


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