Eating Disorders

“Eating disorders may be categorized as a psychiatric problem. Although many experts say that obesity is not truly a psychiatric problem, they consider that the state of being obese is also a form of eating disorder. Some people who are trying to lose weight may lead to an equally dangerous ‘phobia ‘ of food. An obsessional journey (anorexia Nervosa and, or, Bulimia) of thinking an individual is fat no matter how dramatic the weight loss, to the point of emaciation, and in some devastating cases, like the famous Karen Carpenter 1970’s celebrity who died (a great talent diagnosed, at a time when such disorders were virtually unknown to the public) of renal failure and a slow agonising death.

To food lovers this kind of food dis-associative disorder is ‘absurd’ but to the victim, it is a very real living nightmare, and a path of self-destruction to depressive anxiety and eventually despair. Phobias, while in essence are merely a thought process, are extremely common, whether it’s a fear of height, spiders, flying or just going to the shops. I suffe, sometimes from social anxiety and crowds, or queues. I never use an elevator and feel extremely uncomfortable in those situations. I have learned self-managed techniques thanks to the author of this new book. The 1st of a series.

It is our here pleasure to introduce Mr Brian Robinson, author and active mental health procurer. Brian Robinson , has studied philosophy and worked in the UK as an advisor for individuals with mental health issues offering proactive advice, alongside The Samaritans and other institutions and vital community mental health resources for over 2 decades.

The author, has recently written a book about ‘Phobias’ for all concerned individuals, who think they may have, or within their family, or know someone with worrying symptoms of a phobias, or specifically anxiety disorders.

If you are affected directly, or indirectly by any of the issues outlined in this article, then please contact your GP in the first case.

This article is for information purposes only. Please aware, if you are suffering from any phobia, whether, it’s a fear of spiders, heights, crowds, or food avoidance by over-dieting, then this article and the book is for you: Phobias Explained

Phobias, a Practical Guide to Recovery: Part of the Dealing with Anxiety Series