Interesting Snapshots Of History

You can learn about history from books, but that’s a long path, and quite likely not the one you took back in your school years.

Luckily, the internet is her to help.

Even Rockstars Were Young Once

In 1960, David Latimer Planted A Garden Inside Of A Giant Glass Bottle And Sealed It Shut. Latimer Only Opened The Bottle Once In 1972 To Add A Bit Of Water. The Self Contained Ecosystem Has Flourished For 60 Years.

Man Experiences Irony, 1966.

In 1983, Freddy Heineken Was Kidnapped, Held To Ransom (€16 M) And Later Said “They Tortured Me For 3 Days, They Made Me Drink Carlsberg.”

His 1983 Letter Sold For $479,939 At An Auction Last Month.

John Daly Sharing An Intimate Moment With His Wife After Winning The 1995 British Open.

May I Present Citroën Karin, The Most Beautiful Ugly Piece Of Sh*t I’ve Ever Seen?

Your Periodic Reminder That All Of This Started Because One Tiny Bureaucrat Felt He Wasn’t Getting Enough Respect 30 Years Ago. Be Kind To Your Tiny Bureaucrats, Folks.

Salvador Dalí And His Anteater Having A Stroll Out Of The Paris Metro, 1969.

The ’80s Reminds Me Of Our Relationship.

Patient Zero. The One. Número Uno. The Dude Who Single-Handedly Started ’80s Fashion. Case Closed.

Ideator Defined: Whoever Decided To Bring This Porsche 911 To A Tiny Island Between Australia And New Zealand Using That Delivery Method In 1982.

You’re A Ballsy Journalist In 1931 Taking Photos Of Mobsters At The Al Capone Trial.

Nasa Trying Out A Spacesuit Intended For The Moon Landing, 1962. Unfortunately, Whatever Genius Invented This One Lost To Playtex Prototype (Yes, Armstrong’s Outfit Was Designed By A Bra Manufacturer).

In The Early 1980s, Infamous Drug Lord Pablo Escobar Created A Family Zoo Full Of Exotic Animals In Colombia.

Lufthansa Serving Pork And Draft Beer On Planes In The 1960s.