Bathing in Green Tea

“Bathing in Green Tea and its Extraordinary Skin Anti-Aging Effect”
by Perry Estelle

Its long been know the remarkable health giving qualities of Green tea.

Now, scientist have concluded that it can help you look younger and live longer and improve hair and skin, among a myriad of other wonderful features to aid health.

Organic health experts have discovered that by bathing just 30 minutes a day in Green Tea can prevent illness and improve existing health issues. Green tea already noted for its antioxidant powers within the body, can create great positive external health benefits too. To improve immunity, skin allergies, and even create great looking hair and nails.

By putting just 5 teabags in a hot bath can leave your hair looking youthful, and your skin blemish free. It aids wrinkle reduction and on another level, clears psoriasis, eczema and other dermatological conditions. It will help prevent body odour problems, and even a more concentrated elixir of green tea mixed with just a teaspoon dry seaweed can help rid sufferers of thrush and also cure athletes foot.

If you have lack lustre hair, squeeze two wet tea bags and comb through. Rinse and repeat. Finally, rinsing you hair in green tea and leave in for an hour. After just a week a of treatment you will see a pleasing visible difference.

The qualities of green tea have healing qualities that have been not just clinically proven in this article, but used in the Orient for many centuries. It properties aid the support digestion and heart regularity and strength when you ingest it, and helps diminish diabetes, cold and flus symptoms. Recent research advises a topical treatment, can detox your body and protect the epidermis against skin infection, like, impetigo, clean and protect abrasions or open wounds. Including helping inflammation rheumatism, arthritis ,cysts, fibroids, verucas, some forms of melanoma, healing or subduing symptoms up to 40% more effectively.

Green tea is now the ‘darling’ of celebrities like Susan Boyle who uses it daily, in her own personal health regime and spa routines. To help her troublesome complexion.

It is also purported that a green teabag in your favourite beer claims to reduce the effects of hangovers.

The latest proof is that ‘Matcha Green Tea’ can heighten female orgasm and improve male virility. Guys! By leaving a pre-soaked teabag teabag in your underwear 30 minutes before sexual intercourse will not only combat, erectile dysfunction but turn your member into blue steel!

Green tea it seems, is the answer to many ills, and even rid you of sweaty armpits. Take some parsley and a damp green tea bag and rub gently your under arms. and see that personal embarrassment vanish. Keeping you dry and herbally fragrant 24-7.

Research bears out that green tea can also protect furniture from ‘blooming’ by dusting table tops prone to ‘coffee rings’ and watermarks, with a handful of slightly moist green teabags brings back a ‘ring free’ finish. Another hiousehold tip is to replace dishwasher tablets with greentea bags, for a natural and stunning crockery shine.

Even in the equine industry and the infusion of green tea of horses can improve coat condition, ease lameness and ‘bring the horseon’ in fitness and skeletal fluidity, preventing or curing ‘strangles’ and stable cough, and providing hoof health.

Equine warning: Use decaff green for your pony as ‘caffeine’ can put your horse on ‘red alert’ mode, and while it might make your horse run faster, and even jump higher at events, it may make it ‘spooky’.

Green Tea cheaper than HRT patches.

Professor Gerard Swann of Holistic Research at Cambridge University and his team, are working on world production of Green Tea body patches to help with the management of hormone balance. This has been deemed a success and very economical form of self-treatment, for those who may spend up to $300 a cycle for hormone therapy. Tip: Moisten Green teabags and place them (using allergy free Meditape and not BandAid or Elastoplast) on easily concealed parts of the body, to help to reduce menopausal symptoms. For PMT use up to 20 green tea bags at random points on your upper and lower body.

Green tea is the way to go for overall good health, as important research bears out, and also its main enjoyment as a lovely crisp healthy beverage as well.

Please check with your doctor the above information relating to any symptoms you need relied from, and get the proper dosages of Green Tea for your ongoing healthcare.

Keeping the world healthy is truly possible, with the wonderful components of this incredible and relatively accessible nutrient rich resource.

Long Life and better health is easier, with Green tea on April Fools Day.