School Uniform

School uniform. Is cloning our kids with matching mode of dress give them an identity crisis?

Kids and the way their minds work make me really think. They see past all the clutter and just focus on what is really important. It’s a crime what adults do to pollute their free minds. That straightforward lack of self-consciousness.

They seem to have perfected the art of a boldness in their innocence, that is brutally honest. Kids teach you everything, not the other way around. They sort of mould us.

Then soppy adults come along and fill their head with prejudice and taboos, doubt and guilt riddling. I will give you an example. When my child was about seven years, primary school has this groovy fake leopard skin coat. It’s very Bet lynch with matching hat. It’s cosy and warm and she used to love it.

Wasn’t cheap, but she needed a new coat as she had outgrown her pink shiny ‘Barbie’ abomination. She looked great in it, wearing it every day for school. It was the envy of the playground.

Until Andrea and I get this acidic letter from the headmistress, saying ‘certain’ kids were asked at assembly in front of all the others, not to wear ‘fashion’ coats for school (you can imagine all eyes are on my daughter).

Of course she was teased and bullied and returned home, devastated, and now she won’t wear it. I hate fashion fascists at any rate, but this blew a gasket with me and especially coming from school.

The woman has now relented after hearing my views, but my daughter ‘fell out of love’ with that garment, simply because of a ‘false flag’ attack that made her feel an example of ‘non-conformity’ and was still not wanting to wear the coat because she is more worried about being unpopular with her peers and teachers.

I would take it on board but it is not a recognised uniformed school anyway, and she doesn’t even have to wear the hideous identity eroding ‘clone-ish’ and clownish things anyway! What do you think?

Is school uniform outdated? Is a casual mode of smart dress for school more appropriate and individualistic?

Is it just another way to get kids ‘marching in step’ for the greater good and to control our children and strip them of their self-identity?

Are uniforms teaching kids the importance of conforming? To be compliant?