Weird, Wonderful And Strange Things In The World

From Different Breeds Of Chickens, The Natural Colours Of Egg Shells!

This Incredible Photo Which Gives The Impression That The Sky Whispers To The Earth

This Palm Tree Fell Over, Refused To Die, And Curved Right Back Up

This Is Bioluminescent Phytoplankton, Making The Ocean Look Like Something From A Sci-Fi Movie!

48 Different Colours Of The Moon, All Photographed At Different Places In Italy In A Time Span Of 10 Years

Students From An Art High School In Argentina, Replicated “The Girl With The Pearl Earring” Only With Plastic Bottles Caps

A Snapping Turtle Emerges From Weeks Of Sleeping Beneath A Muddy Lake That Had Dried Up

This Artist Spent Eight Years To Create This Tree-Chair, Using Methods Of Gradual Redirection Of The Branches, Which Consists Of Shaping The Trees As They Grow According To Predetermined Designs

Abandoned House In Belgium Looks Like An Evil Witch’s House

Switzerland’s Earth Houses Are Reminiscent Of Real Hobbit Holes

 In The Case Of Complete Heterochromia, The Colour Of One Iris Is Different From That Of The Other

Statue Of King Arthur Located In A Castle In Cornwall

Babies Left To Sleep Outside, Strengthening The Immune System, Moscow 1958

Lenticular Clouds Over Mt. Rainier, Washington State. These Clouds Only Happen Over Mountain Ranges

Crocodile Eyes Glow In The Dark. Amazing

Old Phone Booths Have Been Turned Into Goldfish Bowls In The Streets Of Osaka, Japan