The Vegan Dilemma

The vegan Dilemma

If you are a vegan, and if you are sincere and passionate about your belief as I am sure most vegans are, then how do you follow that lifestyle faithfully in a world where it is impossible to distance yourself from everything which is either cruel or exploitative of animals? Even rubbing shoulders with cruelty can be painful in itself. Do you adopt the lifestyle insofar as you can and keep it to yourself; do you wear the tee-shirt and announce it to the world; do you raise a banner in protest; do you set out to educate and enlighten meat-eaters; or do you take matters into your own hands and actively try and stop it? Where do you draw the line? Indeed, we might ask, is there a line to be drawn at all?

Moral theorists themselves try to identify clear lines or boundaries which act as guides for moral behaviour. Stay on this side and you are morally safe: step over it and you must be doing something wrong. Our skin could act as one such boundary. For example, whatever you think or feel inside is your business and couldn’t possibly harm anybody. However you wouldn’t be much of a vegan if you held the principle of veganism within as a theory only and never put it into practice. However, once you do decide to lead the vegan lifestyle, then you automatically affect the lives of humans as well as animals. After all, farmers and supermarkets survive on the backs of animals and animal products. If we all became vegans, they would suffer to some degree. I can’t speak for vegans, but I’m fairly sure that most would not feel they were pushing the boundary too far by leading a vegan lifestyle. After all, we are all entitled to vote with our feet, and that can of itself be a very persuasive tool for change. Continue reading “The Vegan Dilemma”

Bathing in Green Tea

“Bathing in Green Tea and its Extraordinary Skin Anti-Aging Effect”
by Perry Estelle

Its long been know the remarkable health giving qualities of Green tea.

Now, scientist have concluded that it can help you look younger and live longer and improve hair and skin, among a myriad of other wonderful features to aid health.

Organic health experts have discovered that by bathing just 30 minutes a day in Green Tea can prevent illness and improve existing health issues. Green tea already noted for its antioxidant powers within the body, can create great positive external health benefits too. To improve immunity, skin allergies, and even create great looking hair and nails.

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School Uniform

School uniform. Is cloning our kids with matching mode of dress give them an identity crisis?

Kids and the way their minds work make me really think. They see past all the clutter and just focus on what is really important. It’s a crime what adults do to pollute their free minds. That straightforward lack of self-consciousness.

They seem to have perfected the art of a boldness in their innocence, that is brutally honest. Kids teach you everything, not the other way around. They sort of mould us.

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Thelma and Louise Style Suicide Pact for Hurdling Gerbils

“Thelma and Louise Style Suicide Pact for Hurdling Gerbils”
Spoof News By Perry Estelle

A dawn raid by the RSPCA on a Fenland Farm exposed an illegal ‘Gerbil Hurdling’ gambling den where two gerbils died making a bid for freedom, by jumping out of a scullery window, only to die in a haybaler.

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Democrats Outlove Republicans

Democrats are better lovers than Republicans, an opinion poll has found.
The poll of 900 American singles found by a two-to-one margin that Democrats are better in bed, with 49% of the respondents saying that President George W Bush is the best-looking candidate while 53% of the women imagine that challenger John Kerry would be the better kisser.
And, despite what people might say, it is all right to talk politics on the first date, according to 63% of respondents.
It’s also fine to put your political cards on the table, with 57% of 1001 singles surveyed by another poll saying that they would marry someone with different political views.
Both polls were conducted by, an online dating service.

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Psycho Clown “Ronnie” Fries

Psycho Clown “Ronnie” Fries

Worldwide reports continue to surge throughout the media of obese children, mourning over the execution of Ronald McDonald. The demise of the X Big Mac figurehead, to the globes, largest fast food retailer, was humanely and legally murdered, in a Florida State penitentiary at 12 noon, yesterday. His ‘stay’ of execution was refused on the grounds of his flagging, lack lustre career and less than original promotion techniques.

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