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September 21, 2017

One Mans Meet….

The Stock Recovery Mode can be launched only when your Nexus 7 is running on a full stock Android operating system. The options that you will find in Stock Recovery are as following: apply update from ADB, wipe data/ factory reset, wipe cache partition and reboot.

Here’s how to boot your tablet in stock Android system recovery:

  • switch off your device completely.
  • press and hold Volume Down, Volume Up and Power, all need to be held down simultaneously.
    – do not release the buttons until the Fastboot menu loads.
  • when the Fastboot / Bootloader screen loads you can release the buttons.
  • using either Volume button you need to select Recovery Mode option.
    – press Volume up or down until the START text changes to Recovery Mode.
  • press Power to load Nexus 7 in Recovery Mode.
    – after this you will see a green Android button on its back, get to the next step.
  • next, press and hold Power, then press once on Volume Up to make the stock Recovery menu visible.

That should do it, your device is now listing all stock Recovery options.

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